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Testimonials II


Oliver worked extremely hard and enjoyed each session, especially the pool sessions (he’s a fish) 

We were thrilled with his progress! Mastering the butterfly in days and bringing his length time down to below a minute were highlights!!!

Kris was able to create very good relationship with Charlotte and a very positive learning ambiance.
She was always happy to join the sessions AND they were demanding.
Professional background tangible behind all exercises.
Water/swimming is excellent for progressing on land, using the resistance of water makes exercises very efficient – but also progressing in gaining new strokes is perfect.
Everything was perfectly organized and the location is great!
Many thanks to the whole team!
Happy to return 🤩
Best regrads,
Sylvia, Charlotte and the Humel-Stelzer family

Xavier loved the week, made brilliant progress, worth every penny, can’t think of any faults. 

A bit more of a breeze on one or two of the days would have been nice, but you can’t have everything!! 🙂

Obviously a massive thank you both Kris and Paul, but Ann you made the whole week run smoothly for us and nothing we ask for was ever a problem. You are a fantastic team and we felt very welcomed. We look forward to continue working with you. 

Many thanks

Gavin, Sharanjit and Xavier xxx


I was very happy with the level of professionalism and focus during all sessions. I’m so glad I’ve found Swimlab and I look forward to working with Paul and Kris into the future. Thank you Kris for your energy and patience throughout. You give every session 110% effort. Paul is extremely gifted at thinking outside the box to achieve goals. It’s a rarity these days to find someone who not only is passionate and professional but also highly skilled in this area.

Thank you for enabling our children to soar. William has swum the last two days since returning from

Lanzarote. He’s like a new boy laughing in the water and so confident. You have jumped started his love of swimming! 

Thank you!

So much looking forward to our next set with you guys!


I felt the sessions were superb. When she arrived could barely stay afloat and would sink like a stone as she really struggled with the co-ordination required. As the days progressed it became apparent that Paul knew exactly what to do to teach my daughter the technique of swimming. At the end of the 6-days she was able to jump in – swim 5 meters to Paul then swim 5m back to the side of the pool. Truly phenomenal progress in such a short space of time. 

The land sessions with Kris were equally impressive. Well thought out and planned with sessions which focused on both gross and fine motor skills. The sessions also focused on some academic issues such as reading, counting and numbers. I can already see much more control with movement – especially in squatting down and also in using her often-forgotten right hand. 

Great results, really pleased!


Osian made great progress this week, with clear progression and tangible goals met. Osian’s confidence was exuding at the end of the week, for which we are very grateful. With the introduction of the ‘butterfly’ stroke and timed lengths, Osian has some clear objectives to continue with, now we at back in the UK. Thank you.


From the start, the week was excellent. The sessions were really good and Paul was a great teacher. The knowledge that was passed on was extremely helpful. The facilities were very good. Everyone was so nice. I am really happy with how it all went. I really enjoyed my experience and I hope to return in the future. Thanks for the support and an incredible time!


I thought the sessions were well organised and accommodated the times that I needed. The sessions were delivered in a fun way so Paul really enjoyed them. Most importantly Paul learned so many new things in the water and could swim without floats and just a little assistance at the end of the 5 days.


Fantastic sessions. Well paced, well pitched and well judged. Completely happy with the sessions and impressed with the progress that was made during the course. Thank you.


Bloody brilliant!

I am so impressed with the progression Xavi has made, Paulo and Kris know exactly what to do to make the magic happen. And magic is definitely happening as Xavi is swimming constantly and with skill, over distances and in his own!


From the very first land session, Roland and I were impressed and excited about the week to come with Kris and Paulo. The level of professionalism, commitment and creative ideas throughout the week exceeded our expectations. Our daughter, Pia, is three years old so we weren’t so sure how she would handle 3 intensive sessions and so much time in the water. But she did great and in those moments where her motivation and attention changed, we worked together as partners to keep her going! She continues to talk about Kris and Paulo, we continue to implement the ideas we gained in our everyday and we continue to see improvements in Pia’s ability to sit – unassisted – and crawl – butt up – left and right alternating! Thank you to you both. It is a unique program and concept and it works. We look forward to our next visit, post-SDR!


We felt great about the sessions.

It was exactly the right programme for James’ post-op rehabilitation.

The improvement seen within each session and over the week was really motivating for him. And us.

The scheduling of the sessions worked really well too.

Overall, and as always, James’ week at SwimLab gave him great physical and mental positivity.

Thanks to everyone at SwimLab /Tricia, Jame’s Mum


I thought the sessions were great they were really helpful I could feel my strength increaseing throughout the sessions so therefore thought sessions were extremely worthwhile.

Both Kris and Paul where extremely motivating they make want to work hard  even when in mild discomfort or when I was very tried.

Really looking too seeing them later and continuing to improve! James


I wish we could give Lowe the opportunity again after his SDR operation to meet you and train again! You are great at giving tips and providing information about what you are doing and why and all above this you show us parents so we get an understanding of Lowe’s situation. I have got a completely different way / mentality on what training is! Everything should be a fun game all the time! You are amazing at explaining to the children (even not in their native language). You are wonderful and warm people with all children!

All this time was wonderful! Lowe had problems especially with his left hand / left side of the upper body but after this training week he (already after the first day) started to use it more magically more then before. Lowe has also become better at finding his balance or being able to carry out activities in the water! On the land training he has become a bit more active too with his left hand.


Once again Dylan had an enjoyable 5 days. Hopefully with time and practice he will improve his ability in the water. Dylan was so happy for his sessions which is so important that he enjoys his therapy.


disABILITY Development Week Belfast (Fivemiletown)


Beth loves the sessions and worked really hard for the whole six days. The pool was lovely. Can’t wait to return!


It was a fantastic experience from first to last minute. The sessions on land was very positive and playful – the sessions in the pool as well – but the pool sessions was so much more. Martin fought so hard and was so positive due to the individual program. Floating was all of a sudden possible, he swam on his back and day four in his front.

All four of you are amazing! You are competent, you give the child full attention, you are playful and you are committed to help every child to reach its goals.

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