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Here is your opportunity to read what others have experienced and feel about Swim Lab International.

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Updated: September 2020

The sessions have been very nice. Each part was planned very individually with passion, love, the necessary special detail which makes THE difference! We cannot describe in words how happy we are, that we booked the therapy with Swimlab! I have seen many, many therapeuts in many countries who did a great job. But I was just so impressed by Kris and Paul. You are not doing just your job. But your job and each individual child and parent are your passion!!! You just love what you do. And we saw this in each minute, we spent with you! You put yourself in the child’s position. And in ours as well! You coach and treat us a CP parent at an eye level. And put that much effort in each session. This is just amazing to see! Thank you! We see us soon!


They were fantastic, Sebby used his muscles so much and it was great therapy for him. And as a bonus his swimming improved tremendously. And as an added bonus, so did Lottie’s!


The sessions were absolutely fantastic. Both the swimming and the fit ones. Paul style of working with Noah was really effective. He explained the reasons why he was asking Noah to do things and this was key to their sessions. Paul has a very lovely and warm personality and Noah loved that. Paul made all that incredible physical and emotional effort for Noah be fun for him. 

I am very impressed with the knowledge that Paul has and how he puts it into practice was a revelation.

We are so happy to have found Swimlab! We have already booked our next. We saw results straight away!

You guys are doing an amazing job! Really caring and lovely team you have. Always there to support Noah and us in any questions we had. Well done guys!!!


(On-line sessions)

The Initial few sessions for Rocco where he was using the peanut ball were a really good ‘reintroduction’ to his core, balance and stability work. We’re so glad that you picked up on this from day 1. It was something that, to be honest, we may have neglected for a while concentrating more on the big push type exercises like ‘sit to stand’ and ‘dips’ to try and help his transferring from wheel chair. You give a really good explanation to Rocco on the exercises and benefits. Knowing Rocco’s personality, I think if we can keep setting him targets and explaining how this will benefit him, or allow him to do something, will maintain his motivation at high level. The rapport you have built with Rocco over a short period of time is great and I know that he doesn’t want to let you down on any targets set. 

The balance work was clearly something that needed attention and really glad to see the improvements from the first session. He’s much more controlled sitting on the ball and there is a bit more confidence too when moving arms outstretched and rotating. 

The build up to the kneeling to high kneeling has really made him work hard. The pace of progression has been just right I feel, and the explanations behind the exercises are clear and easy to follow outside of the video sessions. 

He clearly enjoys the sessions and works hard throughout without protest. 

Video sessions work well…minor glitches with sound and video syncs but nothing that has been detrimental to the delivery of the session.

Very happy, both Rocco and parents. 


This is our first experience with Swim Lab International and we have been lucky enough to have two weeks with this incredible team. We came with hopes for our little girl (who is 6 and happens to have cerebral and is a full time power chair user) to gain some water confidence and have some much needed land therapy after a long time with no input due to the current C19 situation.

To say we are over the moon in an understatement!! We are blown away at the progress Lilia has made. She quickly gained confidence in the water and after just a few days she was able to stay afloat with a ring and be independent in the water. This is life changing for us. She is no longer on the sidelines being held by an adult while her sisters play in the water. She has learnt balance and coordination so she can stay afloat in the water.

We didn’t think much could top this, but she has saw in the water completely independently for a short time. We can see potential. We need to work on her core strength before our next visit but the possibility of her being able to independently exercise in the future is turning into a reality.

Swim Lab truly go above and beyond for you and your child and their knowledge of working with children is just amazing! Both land and swim therapy are amazing and we feel so grateful to have found them!

Thank you Swim Lab for everything! We can’t wait to come back.


We have had an amazing time with the guys at Swim Lab over the past 2 weeks. We reschedule dates from previous cancelled trip (C19) and form the moment we arrived at the airport nothing had been too much trouble.

We had a goal of 25m independent swimming and in the second week India not only smashed that goal but went on to achieve 300m all by herself! In the gyn Kris has focused on sorting our a pesky weaker foot and co-ordination.

After two weeks she is so much more co-ordinated in both land and water. If you are thinking of coming to Swim Lab do not hesitate- we have felt save, supported and motivated for the entirety of our trip.

Thank you Kris and Paul! Can’t wait to come back!


They were informative, fun and well thought out. Charlotte thoroughly enjoyed them and engaged very well with Paul. 

We got lots of excellent advice and ideas to continue at home.

Charlottes progress was beyond our expectations, and we could not have been happier with the week. 

The facilities were excellent, clean, accessible And catered for all Charlotte’s needs. The whole team were professional ,fun, knowledgable and could not have been any more helpful,


What can we say? It absolutely exceeded our expectations. We never imagined that Billy would make so much progress in 6 days! To think that he’s had such difficulty keeping his head under water, not to mention coordinating arms and legs and then to progress to swimming is amazing! 

We also felt the land based sessions were very worthwhile and we came away with lots of ideas of how to help Billy to progress into the future. The centre is extremely well equipped in a lovely location and it was a great bonus that our daughters could also be in the pool. Well done to all involved. We look forward to seeing you again in October.

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