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Testimonials III

So sad it’s all over , what a brilliant week of work by Zoe. We really cannot thank Emily and Paul and the team enough , they really know how to make an intensive week of physio seem like so much fun yet some of the best work we have see Zoe doing
As anyone in the same position as our family know , when you go for physio with a very stubborn and headstrong 3 year old girl, the relationship and rapport between the physio and the child is everything , and Emily could not of been better with Zoe , it was amazing to see them share jokes , name their own exercises , sing songs together , have Zoe do ballet as part of her physio and so many other little things that very subtlety had Zoe loving doing the work. And what a workout it was , every evening both Zoe and Kal were the most tired we have ever seen by 8 o’clock.
We really could not recommend this therapy enough, and look forward to returning. Zoe has a new love for the water , which she was very nervous about before we arrived , and we have a lot to build on now with her in the water at home.

Brilliant. Excellent on every level. Emily was fantastic and got the absolute best out of Odette.


Just fantastic……. I felt guilty as Paul had not been swimming as much as I would have liked since the last sessions but it didn’t matter. Paul was so comfortable and what he’d learned before came back and he was taught so much more. The sessions are always on schedule and full on for the entire hour. We get so much from them.


Where do I start? They are totally amazing & exactly what Kal needed therapy wise. Something fun yet beneficial & made him work to the point of an early bedtime of 5:30pm (joke) we allowed him to have a nap as he was totally exhausted and you could see how much effort he put in. 

The Facility & services TC2 has to offer totally blown us away, with the heated outdoor & hydro indoor pool which was perfectly suited for our son as he is of a young age & can be distracted quite easily. 

The land sessions wore also perfectly equipped & a lovely outdoor area too. 

TC2 has a waiting area with coffee machine and charging ports for those who need to keep a full battery to catch those all so important & amazing snaps of their kids achieving goals.


Thank you so much Paul for the last 5 incredible days. Luke was holding in the tears going up the elevator this evening from leaving you. You have taught him so much in the last 5 days his confidence in the pool and what he can do now that he couldn’t before we meet you is amazing. All due to you Paul from the way you teach the kids with your technique. Its just amazing to watch and you are a wonderful teacher you have a lovely manner with all the children and we all appreciated you and Emily helping our kids to make there life easier and give them confidence from your programme as well as parents ourselves. It was the best thing we done for Luke in his 10yrs he’s so happy from the swimlab. Safe travels take care and thank you again x


 Paul engaged wonderfully well with Thomas. What Thomas gained in the pool was amazing! He had never swam a length in his life, and he has been in the pool since he was 6 weeks old, but with correct direction, gentle support, encouragement and honing the skills he had, along with his new found freedom since SDR, he swam many lengths in many strokes. 

Thomas really enjoyed his sessions, and looks forward to Lanzarote in June.


I am absolutely delighted with the entire week, with the way in which it was organised, with the sessions Paul and Kris had with India and of course with her progress. I am delighted with how she was pushed hard with kindness and fun but a firmness that she needs to motivate. 


It was our first time trying hydrotherapy and it was very good.

It was perfect for my son who loves water and the hydrotherapy did not feel like a therapy session to him.

Paul and Venessa gave how we can motivate my son’s movements in the water.

Emily and Kris also made the land training very fun.

Wish we could do more. Next time in Lanzarote in a warmer climate and warmer water.


The same as always – the development and huge leaps froward for Xav are almost becoming the norm from out visits. However, we don’t expect or predict to see these, but we do.

He is so at ease and so trusts the team that he feels safe to try almost anything new, as long as he sees a use for it.

He works hard, you all work hard and he always leaves knowing he has achieved one, two, three or even four more things he couldn’t do before.


Very evident how Zaki progressed from 1st day to 3rd day by his level of confidence in the pool at the hotel after his sessions. 

Zaki could be observed to actively employ the breathing, head turning and his stroke technique showed competence that wasn’t there on Day 1.

His swimming was commented on by a parent on holiday.

Is there any additional information you would like to provide?: The 100% attention given by Paulo to Zaki each hour is commendable. Nothing distracts Paulo from that time in the pool. No conversation or side chats. The entire hour is focused on the client and at the end of the hour guidance is offered whether rest is required, more practice at our accommodation and what specifically should be pra ticed.

Zaki is given very clear step by step instructions. There is space for him to ask questions. He also is treated with humour, fun and lots of praise and(discipline) when that is required.

At the end of Zaki’s first week at Swim Camp I felt confident to allow him have a pool party with his friends for his birthday. That never was a possibility before as one of us would need to be in the water. One day he might take on exciting water sports to celebrate future birthdays. The possibilities are huge with Swimlab

Thank you


Very well planned .

Experienced therapists who had excellent knowledge and understanding of biomechanics and how disability effects the individual.

Quick to spot areas of strength & weakness and plan a therapy regime which addressed these issues. Fun sessions which were supportive and encouraging whilst motivational and driving forwards for physical improvements.

The team quickly assessed methods that would drive & motivate each child and planned the sessions accordingly. 

Very impressed , and booked for next summer.


The two ladies (Vanessa – pool & Emily – land) were so kind, patient & encouraging. They could not have done more to make us feel more welcome and give us great tips and ideas to take home and develop. Their interest in helping me to help ### was clear. Vanessa had such a loving, energetic and fun way of getting the best work out of ### in the pool. I learned a lot about what his capabilities are and how to encourage them.


Theo enjoyed the sessions as always and again can see good improvement!


Anna really enjoyed her sessions with Kris and told me today it’s “her favourite physio because it’s fun”

12 months post SDR and this has been our most productive session to date, Anna’s results are amazing, the introduction of the vibration plate has really worked wonders.

Thank you Kris, I know some days Anna needs a bit of coaxing, but you know exactly how to get the best out of every session, even if you did have to bribe her. 

Go raibh míle maith agat x


The sessions Jonathon had were amazing. They made him work hard but also made it fun for him which made him want to do it I can’t thank the guys enough.


We are very happy with the sessions Jonathan had.

The goals he achieved in this 6 days and the progress he made in swimming are really incredible. We are very proud of Jonathan how hard he worked.

Kris did so well with him that it was so much fun for Jonathan although he had to work so hard. 

The land sessions war very good as well. Kris had a lot of ideas in making the workout fun. We have a lot of ideas now, how we can apply some good games which are fun and in the same time work out as well.

We are now already looking forward to 2020. 🙂

Jonathan was very sad that the week was already over. We think that says all. He really enjoyed the time with Kris. 🙂


The sessions were fantastic. The swimming sessions were more valuable than the land sessions I thought, but that’s to be expected. We were surprised with how much his swimming progressed. While we weren’t there primarily there for his swimming to improve, it was definitely satisfying to see.

Sebby says he ‘liked lifting his bottom up – it was hard but it was quite fun. And the breathing bit was fun’

Is there any additional information you would like to provide?: More staff so there’s more availability! Especially with increasing people having SDR


The sessions were very well planned and the goals and objectives for each session were explained very well throughout. The guys really made the sessions fun for Rocco. There was a good balance of playing games on the land based gym sessions to make the hard work enjoyable for him. In the pool sessions the build up of confidence and the coaching cues and techniques used to gain the trust and build Rocco’s confidence in the water were excellent. In both gym and pool sessions there was really good explanations given throughout to allow us to continue the work and practice when we return home. 

I think it’s also important to give credit to the way the sessions felt individually tailored to Rocco’s capabilities allowing his boundaries to be pushed to show him what he can achieve, this is a testament to the preparatory work that your team does behind the scenes.


The overall experience was thoroughly enjoyed by Rocco and all of us as a family and was very smoothly delivered to make things easy. The support from the very beginning from first booking, gathering information on Rocco’s development needs, right through to the meet and greet was also superb, and the offer of continued support/communication is also very much appreciated. 

It was also great that you guys shared your info on how/where to get effective, simple and affordable equipment. This was a huge positive.

Overall we have a very happy boy and family. We look forward to seeing you again next year! 


Very happy, especially the pool side of things. We knew before we arrived that the swim therapy side of it would be Jacob’s main thing and main enjoyment, as he loves water but I think Paul has made Jacob love it even more, of that’s possible. It’s been incredible to see him develop over the 6 days and he’s thoroughly enjoyed every second…asking for more even as his last session was coming close to the end.

Poolside therapy I think was a bit of a struggle, firstly because of the heat, secondly because he wasn’t in his lycra suit, which can’t be helped anyway, thirdly because it’s never his favourite thing anyway pastedGraphic.png and fourthly because it was in the afternoon and he was wiped out. I know this will be addressed next year with the earlier times scheduled, as recommended by Kris, so he will hopefully strut his stuff on land too

Thank you all, you’re all fab and keep doing what you’re doing. See you next year xxx

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