Swim Lab International summer 2022 superstars

Taking a look back at this summer and just how far all our summer superstars have come. We’re so proud of all of you.

At Swim Lab International, we love to celebrate with you when you learn new skills and reach new milestones, big or small.

This summer, as always, all our children worked really hard and had a great time doing it. Take a look back with us to see just how far they’ve all come.

You can scroll through each week and see all their accomplishments.

15th of July finishers

22nd of July finishers

29th of July finishers

5th of August finishers

12th of August finishers

19th of August finishers

26th of August finishers

2nd of October finishers

Ready to find out how we make all this possible?

We work one-to-one with your child, in a tailor-made programme of activities designed around their current skills, needs and goals.

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