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Lanzarote disABILITY Development weeks providing both land and aquatic based therapy either in a private villa or our training centre in Puerto Del Carmen.

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Please note that our 2020 diary will open for bookings on 06.01.2019


Visiting us here in Lanzarote, gives you access to all of our services from the comfort of your own Villa. Through our partners Camel Travel we will help you to select a suitable villa for your stay. Alternatively you can stay at Fariones Resort Hotel and attend the sessions at our training centre here in Puerto Del Carmen. We have a list of approved villas that you can choose which are disability adapted for our services in a variety of locations throughout the island. Camel Travel can assist you with all of your bookings for villas, flights and even transfers or car hire.


How does it work?

Once you have made your booking the team working behind the scenes for private disABILITY DEVELOPMENT weeks in Lanzarote is quite extensive. After you have selected the dates that work for you our Camel Travel will assist you with flights and accommodation details. 


Once that is all in place you will be assigned a key contact. Your key contact will be responsible for all of your questions, communication and queries prior to travel and throughout your stay. You will have access to your very own account to communicate with us which will help us to create a very unique training week just for you. 


To give you and your family the best possible experience during your stay we will be asking for information from many different areas including but not limited to – daily routines, consultants and other professional practitioners who work and facilitate programmes with the client, carers and additional support requirements.

Once we have all this information, the coaching team will meet to discuss options of how best to train during the week. A programme will be devised and reviewed to ensure we meet the requirements of each and every client. You will also be a key part of this to ensure we meet your needs, and those of anyone else travelling.


You will be allocated 3 hours per day split into morning and afternoon sessions, depending on requirements. The team will visit you in the chosen villa to deliver land and pool based sessions all in the comfort of your own surroundings. All equipment will be brought to the sessions by our team.


Strength, conditioning, relaxation on dry land and also in the water!

Our team will be working side by side to deliver a full programme for  you, whilst every clients needs are individual our goal is not. We make sure every last detail is covered prior to your trip. Additional assistance can be provided to source certain foods or supplies that you many need during your week. We may offer additional services to our clients that may be useful and give you information about the island and the many activities that are on offer whilst you are here.


What does a typical therapy week offer?

A typical week would be 6 days of therapy including dry land training with our Disability specific Strength and Conditioning Coach for 1 hour per day. All equipment for these sessions is provided and will be brought to you for the week to take place at your villa or is readily available at our training centre. Using the latest techniques adapting activities, games and tasks to enhance and benefit of the aquatic therapy offered whilst transferring these skills to day to day activities.


Once a booking has been made you will be contacted closer to your visit by our coach who will gain further information to help devise a training programme specific to your needs. Each and every client has a specific set of goals, abilities and skill set this will be used along with our unique approach to “getting the job done” through play and our “Box Therory” therapy.


Each week our team sit down, usually in a palm tree lined location with the sun beating down on our heads to discuss the up coming weeks. We work with you to plan the week, each week is specific and no one client has the same set of exercises or personality which may dictate timings of sessions or conducted around timings of feeding and other medical requirements.


Manual development, strength, stability, core engagement all form part of the box theory which at the end of the training week you will be able to leave armed with all the information  including exercises that we have worked on, along with a full summary to pass onto other therapists that you work with at home. This way, we can continually work with you once returning home to further improve from the success gained throughout the development week.


Aquatic based sessions are given twice per day over the 6 days with an hour session in the morning and the same in the afternoon. This may seem like a lot of training but with the amount of fun and games happening to most clients they want us to stay longer as they don’t realise the amount of development that is happening without them really realising its all therapy. Our Paediatric Disability Consultant will devise and lead the programme which will combine both aquatic and land based therapy in order for the sessions to flow together enhancing and complimenting each other.


We may need to receive reports from your home based therapists including: OT, Physio, Hydro and S&C coaches all of these will be used to make the programme as specific to your needs and requirements.


All of these sessions can be given at our training centre in Puerto Del Carmen or at your own private villa. Sessions conducted at villas will need to be authorised as a safe and approved villa in order to deliver the training successfully. If the client can already swim, it may be necessary for the sessions to take place at our training centre but of course you can still stay in a villa should you prefer the increased privacy.


How do bookings work?

Bookings require full payment for coaching services to be paid up front within 72 hours of confirmation or direct by online payment. We also allow payments from various funding sources. These bookings are not transferable or refundable.


Upon completion of a booking a lot of work goes on in the back ground which you don’t get to see. Logistics of staffing, movement of other bookings and services we provide locally on a weekly basis, facilities payments are also required in advance along with the planning of the weeks themselves.


We can only take a limited number of bookings per week and due to the nature of the services that we offer our staff needing to take a specific amount of “none direct client contact” time scheduled monthly which is calculated in advance to make sure we give you the highest level of service throughout your stay. The complexities and logistics of such weeks require a whole team to make sure that your week runs smoothly and is why our clients continue to make repeat bookings.


The cost for the week for coaching includes all staffing, pre and post visit contact and planning. Use of training facilities when staying at an approved Fariones resort, equipment and reports provision.


If we come as a family can we make it into a family holiday?

Of course you can, we actually encourage you to bring the family along. Therapy isn’t just about the client themselves, we actively encourage you to take part in sessions and spend much needed down time together either relaxing or discovering our beautiful island.


We believe that therapy should be fun, sometimes with hidden purpose or gains but that is all explained to you each day so you know exactly what is happening during each and every session. So if the sessions are taking place at a private villa you can lie by the pool with a cocktail or join us during therapy getting a little bit of training in for yourself!


If training is taking place at our training complex then you are welcomed to use all the facilities. (There may be an extra charge for this if you are not staying at one of the Fariones resort accommodations). The charge for using our facility can be quoted at the time of booking and will be payable in resort or at the time of booking. The choice is yours.


Our facilities include fully equipped gym, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pools, snack bar, classes including body pump, body combat, TRX, spinning and yoga.


What is left to do other than send us over your reservation dates and confirm your booking.


January 2019, February 2019, July 2019


Sunday 6 – Friday 11 January 2019, Sunday 17 – Friday 22 February 2019, Saturday 27 July – Thursday 1 August 2019


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