Media Consent Form

How we use your imagery

We recognise the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all young people and adults in any activity associated with our organization. 

We’re required by law to gain your consent to take, store and use images of your child. 

How do we use that imagery? Well, first and foremost, we feel the use of imagery and video is vital to deliver our service to you. 

It helps us to document your child’s progress, create medical reports and ascertain which activities and therapy options will be most effective moving forward. 

All imagery and video we store can be provided to you at any time, should you wish to see it. 

We may also use these images and videos for promotional purposes, through our online and offline marketing, to help other parents like you understand how we work and how we can help their child.  

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Do you give Swim Lab International permission to take photographs and/ or videos of you (in case of your child, your child)?*
Do you give Swim Lab International permission to store photographs and/ or videos of you (in case of your child, your child) on a password-protected hard drive?*
Do you give Swim Lab International permission to use photographs and/ or videos of yourself (or child, in case of your child) for educational, reporting, marketing and promotional purposes, both online and offline? *To use Trexo Plus you must answer “yes”.*
During therapy sessions, members of our team, representatives, employees, other external film or photography crews employed by us, communication or broadcast channels, members of the press, media, production houses, network promoting Swim Lab International, and/ or any other persons duly authorised by Swim Lab International may take photographs or film videos or record audios of clients undertaking therapy or other aspects of the organized weeks for promotional, publicity or informational purposes.

They may do this using various photography, lighting, filming, recording, sound and/or other production equipment, apparatus, kits or accessories.

These photographs, pictures, videos, audio and/or other promotional material may be used on our own website, other websites promoting Swim Lab International, media or broadcast channels for the purpose of promoting Swim Lab International. They may also be used in books, magazines, brochures, articles, newspapers, periodicals, on television, in documentaries, advertising and/or any other publicity material or mediums whatsoever of Swim Lab International and/ or by any such organizations and/ or persons duly authorised by Swim Lab International.
By agreeing “yes” below, you expressly waive the condition of obtaining your prior consent and/ or asking for payment/ remuneration in respect of such photographs, pictures, films, documentaries, videos, audios and/ or other promotional, publicity and informational materials produced.*