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Lanzarote Trexo Plus disABILITY Development Weeks

Therapy Weeks in Lanzarote are a fantastic way to receive therapy under the warm sunshine and with the addition of Trexo Plus to your week we have created the ultimate therapy weeks for you. 


But please be aware Trexo Plus is not suitable for every client – to be able to have this addition to your week you must meet the following criteria:

You must have already purchased a disABILITY Development week.

Clients must be a minimum height (at time of visit): Hip to floor: 50cm, hip to knee: 21cm, Knee to floor: 25cm, Hip Width: 18cm. 

The Trexo Plus is also not suitable for use with some characteristics – please see below and contact us before booking if you are unsure.

Minimum age for all therapy sessions at Swim Lab International 3 years of age however we can support you before your first visit (contact us here).

Bookings are now being taken for 2022 (check availability)

About Trexo Plus

Trexo Plus is a wearable lower limb robotic device that is attached to a Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer (provided by Swim Lab International). It utilises principles of powered lower limb robotics to enhance gait training and locomotion training. Motors power the device joints at the hip and knee while motion is controlled through a tablet interface operated by our Trexo trained team. This Trexo Plus is the only device outside of USA and Canada. 


Why Use Trexo Plus?


Trexo Plus enables children to receive gait training using robot-assisted technology in a mobile and stable manner. It is intended to be used as an exercise tool, operated under close supervision of our Trexo trained team. 

Children who exhibit the following may not be candidates for the Trexo Plus (please get in touch if unsure).

  • Knee flexion contracture > 20°
  • Knee valgus > 40°
  • Hip subluxation > 40% migration percentage
  • Hip extension < 0° 
  • Severe spasticity that interferes with use of the device 
  • A seizure disorder not fully controlled by medication. 
  • Weight bearing restrictions (including from any recent Orthopaedic surgery, e.g. soft tissue releases and lower limb bony surgery) 


Our team pride themselves on making sure every last detail is taken care of prior to your arrival. Please find more information about our weeks and the process below.

What does a typical therapy week offer?

Once a booking has been made you will be contacted by our team to gain further information. Because each and every client has a specific set of goals, abilities and skills, the information you provide is vital to help us devise a training programme tailored to your needs so please provide as much detail as possible. We will work with you to plan the week as we recognise that all our clients are individuals, and therefore sessions may need to be planned around times of feeding or other medical requirements.


A typical week includes 6 days of therapy, each day consisting of 2 aquatic sessions and 1 “dry land” session. The use of Trexo Plus will be incorporated into your land session each day. We will provide all the equipment, tailored to the clients requirements, at the training facility.

Here is an example schedule to give you an idea of how each day is structured around the 3 therapy sessions ( Click Here ).

This may seem like a lot of training but with the amount of fun and games happening during the sessions, most clients they want us to stay longer! It’s by making these sessions fun that we get the best results, as the clients are enjoying themselves the development and therapy just happens naturally.

We have developed a unique ‘Box Theory’ therapy where we engage with the client to think outside of the box.  This consists of manual development, strength, stability and core engagement and at the end of your therapy week you will be armed with all the information you need to continue to work with us online, work on yourself at home or even pass onto other therapists that you work with at home. This means that even long after your disABILITY week is over you will continue to benefit and develop from the work we have done together.

How do bookings work?

Bookings for Trexo disABILITY Development weeks require full payment up front. You will make a reservation online, selecting your dates and complete the registration form within 72 hours of booking. You must make a booking through our Lanzarote disABILITY Development week page and then add the Trexo top up here. 

Once you have been reviewed and accepted by the team you can then make your payment. The payment can be made directly online or from other funding sources. Please note certain funding partners will pay for different packages based on requirements on your behalf. Please consult your funding provider before placing booking to confirm and avoid disappointment.


The cost of your week includes all staffing, pre and post visit contact, planning, and the cost of training facilities for our client (child only) for session times only with additional time for changing provided which can be extended should the need arise.

What happens once I’ve booked and been accepted onto the Trexo Plus disABILITY Development week?

Once your booking has been confirmed the team working behind the scenes can prepare for your week. You can then arrange your flights and accommodation. We recommend using Camel Travel who assist you with flights, suitable accommodation, car hire and provide you with the security in booking and travelling to Lanzarote. For equipment hire we recommend Island Mobility who have a wide range of mobility and living aids.

Additional assistance can be provided to source certain foods or supplies that you may need during your therapy week.


To give you and your family the best possible experience during your stay we will be asking for information from many different areas including but not limited to – daily routines, consultants and other professional practitioners who work and facilitate programmes with you, any carers you have, plus any other additional support requirements. In addition, we may need to receive reports from your home based therapists including: OT, Physio, Hydro and S&C coaches all of this information will be used to make the programme as specific to your needs and requirements.


Once we compile all the above information, the team will meet to discuss options of how best to train during the week. A programme will be devised and reviewed to ensure we meet the requirements of each and every client. One of our Paediatric Disability Consultants will devise and lead the programme – the therapy is NOT booked with a specific member of the team however, where possible you will remain with the same team member for the sessions during your stay. The programme they devise will combine both aquatic and land based therapy, thus allowing them to flow together enhancing and complimenting each other. You will also be a key part of the planning to ensure we maximise your time with us.

If we come as a family can we make it into a family holiday?

Of course you can bring the family along. Therapy is not just about the client themselves and we actively encourage you to take part in sessions and spend much needed down time together either relaxing or discovering our beautiful island. BUT please remember, the main aim of the trip is therapy sessions for your child, so this has to take priority, with other activities you want to undertake planned outside of these times.


Our training usually takes place at the renowned Centro Deportivo Fariones in the beautiful resort of Puerto Del Carmen where you are welcomed to sit at the bar whilst sessions are taking place. There is an additional charge for the use of the their facilities which is payable in resort.

Does this all sound like exactly what you’ve been looking for? Then reserve your dates now.

Lanzarote Trexo Plus disABILITY Development Weeks Add On


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