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About Swim Lab International

Swim Lab International, Home of inspiration, pushing limits and breaking down barriers. Swim Lab International was created to provide a platform for the families that we help and support. 


Our philosophy of interlinked health strategies working seamlessly alongside medical care.


Created within the island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands Spain, Swim Lab International has been designed to feel much more like a family than a conventional medical and rehabilitation support service. 


Our belief is that development happens when you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease and this is what we have tried to achieve within our services and facilities as a whole.


Our team is built on a like-minded, knowledgeable and highly qualified team of consultants who share a common and interlinked philosophy for health and quality of life.


Our philosophy is to treat where necessary, support in a fun, inspiring and no limits environment drawing out the best of clients abilities then helping to keep them focussed and driven to achieve more pushing the boundaries. 


We do this to bring together the three major elements of health; Motion and Use, Lifestyle and Nutrition and Inner Strength and Mindset.


Our goal is to help you to understand which elements you need to bring together and in what order to enhance quality of life and expand purpose enabling the drive to achieve and determination to achieve more.


We are here to provide all the technical advice, treatment and support within our team that is needed to go against the fire and live in harmony through changing mindset in a creative and conductive atmosphere.


Our focus is on bringing together the three main components for optimum health and human performance. We consider these to be Motion and Use, Lifestyle and Nutrition and Inner Strength and Mindset. 


We do this by bringing together expert advice and developmentally controlled fun sessions with support from the use of pioneering video technology during sessions and integration of advanced imaging and diagnostics for future progression. 


We use this material to assist not only clients but also with our team during training and the training of others to support more families in the future. 


On this foundation, we use our multidisciplinary approach backed up by quality care and support systems for all our clients.


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Telephone: (+34) 655 723 057

Lanzarote, Canary Islands
Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm

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