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Update for clients impacted by Covid19 Travel Restrictions

Update for clients impacted by Covid19 Travel Restrictions

Updated: 21/09/2020 16:59 (WEST)

Update for Clients impacted by COVID-19 (Travel Restrictions) has been e-mailed to all clients with future bookings.

Updated: 15/09/2020 16:31 (WEST)

All COVID-19 movements are required to be moved before 30.09.2020. After this date no further changes will be accepted for therapy weeks already authorised prior to 14.09.2020

Updated: 22/08/2020 09:26 (WEST)

London, Belfast and Limerick Satellite Weeks postponed and to be reviewed end of September 2020.

Updated: 22/08/2020 09:26 (WEST)

All Lanzarote disABILITY Development weeks now have the same terms and conditions as bookings made after 17 May 2020. We will allow changes to booking dates to future 2020 or 2021 dates up to 8 weeks prior to therapy weeks commencing.

To our clients traveling from the UK.

We are currently monitoring the ever changing situation with the British Government and FCO advice. We will be immediately contacting all clients due to travel with in the next week and will continue to update here as the situation changes. Please also see the government website for official information and further updates.

Lanzarote training centres open 1st July 2020. June International disABILITY weeks (London/Limerick) postponed (future dates to be set, or exchange for other Swim Lab International services).

We have reopened our booking system for new bookings for end of 2020 and 2021. No payment will be due until International travel has resumed for all new bookings made from Tuesday 19 May 2020 you will also be able to exchange your booking for any available future date.

We have sent out an email to all clients due to travel to Lanzarote until the end of 2020. While you do not need to make changes to your booking now we are just informing you if the time comes we are able to assist you.

Email has been sent out to all clients with bookings up to and including 29.05.2020 in order to assist with changing bookings. As soon as further information becomes available forward of this date we will be in touch. If you require home programmes please get in touch as we are providing these to all clients free of charge.

Our team is currently working through all of the requests for clients for free programmes during this difficult time. We should have contacted all clients who have requested by 20.03.2020

In light of the 30 day travel ban throughout Europe we have contacted all clients arriving within the next 30 days giving the option to transfer dates to later in 2020.
Swim Lab International is doing everything possible to assist clients with their travel plans to ensure these weeks are rearranged.

Spain has declared a State of Emergency (“Estado de Alarma”) on 14 March 2020, which introduces a series of measures including significant restrictions on movement throughout the country in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Update will be provided to all clients on 29 March 2020.

We have sent out an email to all clients due to travel to Lanzarote within the next 4 weeks. We would like to advise all clients that Swim Lab International are monitoring the current situation closely through official sources including WHO, Global Governments and FCO.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Swim Lab International are continually monitoring the evolving situation. We are following the advice from Government and Health Organisations from around the World. We will be contacting clients closer to their date of arrival when more accurate information is available.


Covid 19 has come as a shock to all of us but we never realised how important our slogan has become #togetherwearestronger 

Having policies and agreements in place has always allowed for the smooth running of our services on a day to day basis. However, with the arrival of Covid 19, everything we are used to has gone completely out the window and we have had to adapt and find new solutions. 

Swim Lab International has a huge reach and client base, but the hands on work is administered by a very small number of people. Particular challenges arise in servicing day to day correspondence and administration, which is why Swim Lab International has a client service level agreement allowing 7 working days to respond to all communication. 

We have always appreciated that, even prior to Covid19, our clients have become our extended family and that is why clients return visit after visit, up 6 times per year, and year after year. 



Recognising back in the Spring, that we would be unable to see clients face to face, the team set about revolutionising the way we operate. As ‘stay home, stay safe’ became a phrase we have all become used to, Swim Lab International went online offering all our clients the opportunity to have free virtual online sessions and home programmes. Many clients who started back in March, are still receiving virtual sessions and this has now become a part of their new weekly routine. We are extremely proud of this additional service and the clear benefit it has had for many of our families. 

Sadly, the team at Swim Lab International have been unable to work face to face with many clients since March. During this summer we should have seen over 150 clients, instead we have seen just 9 which equates to 6%. This has presented a very specific challenge in ensuring that our families are not adversely impacted as a direct result of Government imposed travel restrictions. Prior to 17 May 2020, our terms and conditions clearly stated that we do not offer refunds or exchanges on bookings. However, our first priority has always been our clients and, in these unprecedented times, we have been able, on all occasions, to offer alternative dates.

When clients book to visit us here in Lanzarote for a therapy week, the preparation commences well in advance of arrival in Lanzarote. Prior to your visit, a great deal of time is spent planning, scheduling and booking facilities. If we don’t utilise the facilities, we still incur charges, even if sessions are not delivered. 

Swim Lab International have worked hard to increase availability for 2020 and 2021 to accommodate more clients and to ensure that everyone has been able to transfer bookings made prior to the pandemic. To date, we have been able to move 130 clients to alternative dates. For 2021 we currently have 57 available slots for clients who still need to transfer. 



Unfortunately, with the travel restrictions still uncertain for many Countries, Swim Lab International have been considering over the past days, various options to further assist our clients and support them, whilst working to protect the longer term sustainability of running Swim Lab International. 

If you have a therapy week booked for 2020 or 2021 and don’t feel comfortable travelling to us here in Lanzarote, you can take the following steps to reschedule your week for a later date.

For all 2020 / 2021 bookings:

  • Complete the form here (below) to remove your current scheduled booking
  • choose to hold your booking for a 2022 date, once full availability is released. Conditions will apply (all information enclosed on the form).

We truly understand this is a situation out of everyone’s hands but we do have to work together to find a suitable solution which works for everyone.


We were disappointed to learn of some adverse social media activity which was recently directed at Swim Lab International. We understand that there may be frustrated and disappointed clients out there, but we would hope that everyone tries to understand and respect all of the efforts we are all making together to achieve the very best outcome possible. Our first priority is, and has always been, our clients and Swim Lab International will do all within our power to assist every single client. We hope that the measures we have outlined here help to address any outstanding concerns. 

If you wish to contact the office to discuss your bookings please feel free to do so using:  As you may appreciate, we continue to receive significantly higher volumes of correspondence than usual, but we remain committed to responding to every message and email within our stated 7 working days, so we do kindly ask you to be patient if you do not receive an immediate answer.

*We are unable to open our 2022 schedule until all the logistics have been put in place by our team and partners. Our 2022 diary will open on 6 January 2021 and those who choose to hold their booking will be able to transfer to available dates once released. 

**All our availability will be on a first come, first served basis once open and no guarantees can be made for any specific dates for any client and must be made online once bookings open.




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