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Merry Christmas from us all at Swim Lab International & 2018 in summary

Merry Christmas from us all at Swim Lab International & 2018 in summary

What a year it’s been! Firstly, we would like to wish all of our clients from 2018 and those booked for 2019 and all their families a very Merry Christmas.

This year has been incredible in many ways. All of our clients have been working extra hard and all of the challenges presented to them have been worked through as they continue to reach their goals and strive to achieve more.

Our diary for Lanzarote during 2018 has been extremely busy with many new clients coming to visit us. When meeting new clients we understand it’s taken a lot for them to get here to Lanzarote including flights, transfers, accommodation and that would not have been possible without the fantastic collaboration between ourselves and Camel Travel. To Julie who goes above and beyond to make sure every need is catered for and the very best customer service provided. We cannot thank you enough.

Without the support of Centro Deportivo, Amalia and all of her staff our disABILITY development weeks would not run as smoothly as they do. They help us with anything we need to give our clients the very best support throughout their time with us in Lanzarote.

Our disABILITY development weeks which originated only in London to help current clients has been expanding to locations far and wide including: Canada, Phuket Thailand, Sweden, Belfast, Liverpool, Dublin and Dubai. We have more locations to add in 2019 and 2020.

Our team is expanding as the work we do is limited to our time and this really does effect how many families we can support on a weekly basis.

Sarah Webster who joined our team earlier this year has been a superb addition. Sarah is based in Northwest England, traveling to disABILITY development weeks in: Belfast, Sweden and Lanzarote with more weeks to be added shortly.

Sarah will also begin disABILITY development weeks in North West England and 3 Day SDR Development programmes starting early 2019.

Vanessa who has also recently joined our team will begin her training very shortly. She will be traveling for disABILITY development weeks as part of her role with our team, alongside providing London based disABILITY weeks and 3 Day SDR programmes, again starting in 2019. We are delighted to have you both on board.

We are still looking for additional people to join our team but we are not looking for just anyone. It takes a lot of time to select the right fit for our clients and to work as part of our team. This is something we care passionately about.

Our Spanish disABILITY development clients this year have grown from strength to strength. Each and every client has progressed and gained new skills which will continue into 2019 as the project builds.

Sadly we no longer have any funding for this project which was stopped in August 2018. Our team will continue to provide the project for all of the families who are part of the programme and will continue as it is a service not provided anywhere else on the island by anyone qualified to do so. The difference the project makes to the local families is priceless. We seek to secure funding in future and will do everything we possibly can to support the local people of our beautiful island.

Lots of our clients this year have been hospitalized for various reasons with two of our young guys bed bound for Christmas both having operations just before the holiday. One in London and another here in Lanzarote.

We hope they recover quickly and then the work begins for both of them. Building strength, learning to walk again and striving to achieve the most they can in life. Flynn, James we got this!

Situations like these show why what we do really is a pleasure and not simply a job. We go above and beyond for all of the families and the assistance we provide no matter how small is priceless.

Our clients and their families think that we give them so much support, encouragement and hope but they also support us through an emotional roller coaster ride each and every week.

We will never give up the fight and thinking outside the box to assist however and wherever we can. 94 flights in 2018 showed that we helped an awful lot but so many more families need our support and we will, together get there.

christmas 2

2019 will see our training center in Poland reach completion ready to operate with clients visiting from throughout Europe and further afield. We cannot wait to build our team and see what the future brings.

Moving into 2019 our Lanzarote diary is fully booked, thanks to Maria Carmen for all her support. Keeping us all in check and maintaining our diaries to make sure we can provide the best service possible.

Here are a few quick administrative support notes:

* 2020’s Lanzarote disABILITY Development week diary opens on 06.01.2019 and spaces for school holiday weeks are expected to fill extremely quickly as clients who have missed out this year are ready to book and also current clients wishing to book again.
* No spaces are held so our diary will open completely clear and will be first come first served.
* Our booking policy remains unchanged with full payment required upfront and spaces and not refundable or exchangeable for any of our services.
* Bookings not paid within the payment timescale will be released automatically by our booking system.
* Liverpool 3 day SDR intensives for 2019 will open on 06.01.2019 for bookings.
* Additional disABILITY development weeks will be added periodically in various locations as our staffing increases and social media will announce these.
* Clients sessions are booked for specific dates and amendments cannot be made for any of our clients as to do so would require constant adjustments to our schedules which are programmed in advanced to the absolutely capacity and there just isn’t the room to adjust.

If you are booked for the first time, we are looking forward to meet you and for those who are joining us once again we cannot wait to have you back.

Now is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities.

With kindest regards, we sign off until 06.01.2019

Team Swim Lab International


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