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Why did our name change? Swim Lab Lanzarote is now Swim Lab International

Why did our name change? Swim Lab Lanzarote is now Swim Lab International

Swim Lab Lanzarote began and always will have Lanzarote as it’s home. We together with all our partners and clients that we work with along with our excellent team have placed Lanzarote on the map. Lanzarote is a tiny dot in the Atlantic Ocean, yet we have managed to build our camps and training therapy to be known globally.

Having clients visit us from Europe, America, Asia, Australia and everywhere in between. Our sole aim for Swim Lab Lanzarote was to help people whether that be through coaching, prehabilitation or rehabilitation sessions on land or in water.

We can say we have successfully achieved, that being said we have reached capacity and cannot physically manage any more clients which ultimately means the services we provide are limited to those that already have slots.

Each year we travel to various countries to deliver our disABILITY DEVELOPMENT weeks which again have become extremely popular. What makes it work? we ask ourselves over and over. Our clients tell us that it is our approach and passion that makes Swim Lab the success that it is. Again this doesn’t help more people so we planned and planned and planned…

Now becomes the expansion plan! We cannot remain as Swim Lab Lanzarote on a global platform as this simply isn’t broad enough to cover what we are now doing.

we are expanding

We have expanded our team and are currently training and supporting our new team members to build further programmes in the UK and further afield.

Our expanding team is an ongoing project and we are actively looking for more people to work with us. This to us is a huge step, letting Swim Lab expand and not be 100% controlled in house in Lanzarote is something that requires a lot of work and trust.

We now have our new global website which has the functionality to be able to assist with bookings, provide better navigation and resources along with live scheduling for all of our services provided by the whole team.

The website is available in various languages and our marketing will be targeted to specific locations to provide our current and future clients with the required information.

disABILITY Development Weeks in 2019 are coming to many more European cities along with International weeks being introduced all the time as our team expands.

Now for the big update. Not that expanding the team, creating a new website, continuing to provide our services in Lanzarote to residents and all visiting clients. Not to mention training our current team and actively recruiting new members we have found the time  (not sure how) to build our state of the art European Training Centre in Poland!

This training centre will become our European hub, with regular training weeks for our expanding team which in our specifically designed therapy tank and studio with interactive floors and walls will become our centre of excellence.

Don’t worry we will have a team in Poland who will be able to provide therapy on a weekly and monthly basis with our International team flying in to assist at various times in the year.

So, if Krakow is only on your list of European destinations we are not so far away! If you are based in Europe flights are plentiful and we have access to fantastic accommodation facilities 5 minutes down the road from our centre. In November 2018 we signed over the build and now we can watch the magic begin.

We will be tracking the project with live webcam as the build commences. Weather permitting we should have the build completed by the end of summer 2019.

Here in Lanzarote we continue to provide our disABILITY Development weeks with the team expanding that will give scope for further weeks to be added into our 2020 schedule. All 2019 slots are now sold out for Lanzarote.

On 6th January 2019 we will be opening our 2020 diary.

Our SDR, pre and post operation intensive 3 day therapy blocks (starting soon in  Liverpool, UK) will be available for bookings for 2019.

As you can see our platform is reaching a lot more than Lanzarote and our services are now provided in many countries therefore the decision to change our trading name is something that has to be reflective of the geographic locations we provide.

Welcome Swim Lab International (formally known as Swim Lab Lanzarote).

We wish to thank all of our current and new clients along with our teams that we work with for the continued success and provision of our services that help so many families each and every year.

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