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Nisha’s Journey With Us

Nisha’s Journey With Us

Music thanks to Stephanie Manns NYC



Nisha, a lovey little girl who recently visited us from Ireland. Nisha visited us to in her own words “help her to walk”. Nisha is post SDR operation and needed to gain strength, stamina and muscle tone in her legs to help support her walking without the use of sticks.

Throughout the week with us here in Lanzarote, Nisha built up the necessary skills to allow her to walk completely unaided. All of our sessions are completed in a fun, friendly and playful atmosphere meaning that “therapy” is really just about playing.

Using little tricks and lots of water throughout the week enabled Nisha to return home without the need for her sticks.

Why does intensive therapy have a greater output than weekly sessions? We have found that intensive therapy weeks gain a faster memory and response due to the repetition which is something that is missing if therapy is only held once per week. Spending up-to 3 hours per day over a number of days together both on land and water help to reinforce the exercises. During the sessions parents think that the kids will fade and loose energy and ability to focus and achieve but actually the kids just want more and more.

By the end of the sessions the parents are able to see the huge improvements in such a short space of time. Therefore making intensive therapy sessions extremely worth while.

Nisha’s video is a great example of how determination in a fun and supportive environment can create wonders. This is what her Mum and Dad had to say about the week:

“We have been on such a journey with Nisha from the moment we found her. We have seen the worst of humanity at some moments along the way but this SDR Journey has led us to first Dr TS Park and his team then Kids Physio Works in Colchester UK.

Then we met these 2 special guys at Swim Lab International whose passion, care and professionalism has filled us full of hope for the future not only for Nisha but for all those other wonderful kids on there own journeys.

We are blessed to have found you guys too.

Paul and Kris Thank you”. 💕💕💕
Jenny & Eric Miller



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