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We use innovative and creative therapy in a fun, high-energy environment to remove all limits, turning disability into possibility.

Our unique combination of aquatic and land-based therapies help children with a wide range of neurological and developmental disorders, including Cerebral Palsy, dystrophies and rare syndromes, reach their full potential.

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There are no limits

We understand every child has individual requirements. We spend time getting to know your unique needs and challenges to create a tailor-made treatment plan, which extends beyond your intensive therapy weeks.

We’ll work closely with you to inspire and empower your child to push past their limits and reach his or her goals, no matter how big or small.

Our children see massive progress during their time with us, developing or improving cognitive, physical and motor functions so they can enjoy more freedom and independence, boosting their confidence and self-esteem; but it doesn’t stop there. We engage your child with fun therapy activities which you can continue at home, using the resources we’ve given you for even more growth.


We empower you and your child

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There are 

no limits

There are no limits


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A happy toddler looking out of the pool for a toy to take back to his therapy session

We use paediatric aquatic therapy to help your child develop skills more quickly than they would with land-based therapy alone.


Therapy weeks for your individual needs and goals

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